Obama’s Losing The War on Drugs (Already)

March 24, 2009

In the few months that Hussein Obama managed to sneak into power,  Mexico has descended into utter chaos.  There are stories of drug cartels using military grade weapons against policemen and soldiers, politicians brazenly gunned down, and ordinary people caught in the middle of vicious drug wars. Some liberal rags are already claiming that Mexico is worse than Iraq, which does not mean that much, since we all know that Iraq was never actually bad.  But regardless, under Obama, things are not looking good for America’s righteous war against drugs.

We already know that our President dabbled coke in college, so maybe that’s why he has such a soft spot for drug dealers and the weaklings who are addicted to the stuff.   There is absolutely no other explanation for Obama refusing to send in our tanks and apaches to kill these drug fueled terrorists. We should be flattening Mexico City, leveling every one of the towns that harbor drug labs and drug cartels, because at the end of the day, illegal immigrant criminals sneak this stuff  into America and give it to our children and our poor in order to ruin  our country.

We. Must. Stop. Them.